After the dramatic victory without the celebration? Nagin dance continues throughout the country

শনিবার, ১৭ মার্চ ২০১৮ | ১১:৩৯ পূর্বাহ্ণ |

After the dramatic victory without the celebration? Nagin dance continues throughout the country

Why Bangladesh win this way? Because, if you do not win such a win, you can not leave the mark. If you do not tremble in the excitement, but what is the value of winning? That’s why Bangladesh kept waiting for the fifth ball of the last over. Mahmudullah’s cold head brought Bangladesh to another memorable win. Bangladesh won the final two wickets.

Could not run on the path of victory, but it was just moving Bangladesh At the end of 12 overs, Bangladesh did not get to the required run rate, 8 wickets in hand. Bangladesh is the absolute favorite in this match! But Tamim and Mushfiqir showed that how to knock out of the match. Bangladesh lost three wickets in just 15 balls. Suddenly, 97 wickets from 3 wickets for 109 runs in 5 wickets.
But till 12 o’clock, only the good news was circulating around the Bangladesh team. Mushfiq has scored 1,000 runs in T20 for Bangladesh as the third batsman only. Tamim on the other side reached this milestone first. At the end of the 12 overs, the team scored 95 for two wickets. In that situation Sri Lanka’s score was 68 runs from 5 wickets. Bangladesh will be hoping to win by 27 runs ahead.
Mushfiq returned after leaving the cover, Bangladesh did not lose hope, who was Tamim. The only century in Bangladesh in Twenty20 was that after making that history he could never make fifty. Today he is also sad. 41 fifties, whether Tamim out of the next! Mural out of 4 runs without any four-six off, But the path of Bangladesh lost?
Shakib Al Hasan, who scored 51 runs in 31 balls, was named in the field. The ball was abandoned by 12 runs in 12 balls. Shakib did 9 runs in 9 balls. Mahmudullah, who was captain of the previous three matches in the series, all the responsibility to win the team fell on the shoulders. Mahmudullah also did his highest 12 runs in the last over, two runs per ball. The problem is one, who does not have a strike on Mahmudullah. The first two balls were lost, there was no run.

Then the real drama of the match. The first two say that after two bouncers gave the bounty. Sri Lanka umpire did not give the wipe! On the other hand, the leg umpire lifted the hand for the no ball, hands down! Mahmudullah is talking to the umpires in the field. Sohan and Rahi were involved in the field with the extra field fielders, with Sri Lankan fielders in the tinker. Meanwhile, Shakib Al Hasan came down the field. Shakib gave the indication of the return of batsmen!

Bangladesh will be going to come out of the field? Then the discoledoid will be cut off from the final. This dispute is far more difficult to build. The manager of the team asked Mahmudullah to keep his head cool. But the matter of cold head actually showed Mahmudullah. The next one hit four. Because of the next two Bangladesh need to score 6 runs in 2 balls. Bangladesh won by one ball, with a ball in hand. Mahmudullah may play more than 43 runs in 18 balls, but T20 is the best innings he has played today!

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